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And so it is Christmas ...

Published on: 24 Dec

Stop and saviour the special moments!

As we all get ready to eat, drink and spend time with those we love, I want to express my gratitude for all the BtE Clients, Colleagues and Friends who made 2022 a year of awareness, healing and growth.

Now it's time for us to all to pause and soak in the special heart-full moments this festive season.

Looking forward to guiding and witnessing more healing and more growth in 2023 ... so more and more of you truly shine!


Until then





Interview with Psychologist Hilary Lindgren (September 2021)

Back in September last year, I was interviewed by Psychologist Hilary Lindgren from BeST Hub (Behavioural Science Training Hub) in regards to the BtE Post Traumatic Growth program.
If you'd like to have a listen to our chat, click on the link below and Enroll for Free.

Until then


Leah Fogarty


Published on: 16 Dec

...what a year!


As the end to this extraordinary year rapidly approaches, I hope you reflect on the things you experienced...in particular -

  • What you loved!
  • What you will never forget.
  • What tested you, and
  • How you have grown and evolved ... that is, Post Traumatic Growth ;)


Wishing all the BtE clients and their loved ones, ...




Netball Scoop Article

Published on: 16 Nov

BtE's work with VNL Clubs, especially during the COVID pandemic!


Was great reflecting and sharing insights with fellow psychology and netball enthusiast @ArianeVirgona from Netball Scoop about working with several VNL Clubs, especially as we "dance the dance" with the pandemic. Enjoy the read!


Until then



Leah Fogarty

Your invitation!


Hey there!

After the 2020 COVID year we had here in Melbourne, I am sure there are many of you who have not healed from the pain and struggles we experienced…and that’s in addition to the pain carried over from previous years! 

Aligned to the Between the Ears mission of there being fewer hurt and more healed sports people in the world, I wanted to let you know that I am sharing my BtE Post Traumatic Growth program to a wider audience by creating a Monthly Video Blog series that consists of 12 x 15 minute recordings - full of education, strategies and most importantly “Life-work” for you to DO over that month.

This video explains it a little more...


So if you are keen to sign up and receive these Video Blogs on the first Monday of each month to help with your healing of past pain and particularly that from 2020, then click on the link below and Register your details.



Otherwise please share this Blog post with anyone and everyone you think might benefit from some healing.

Let’s all bounce forward and shine even brighter in 2021!


Until then



Leah Fogarty