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- Counselling Services -

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Working one-on-one gives you the opportunity to tell your story about the challenges that life has thrown your way. Some common challenges include below par performances, emotional disturbances (e.g. anger, depression, anxiety), dissatisfied life blend, low self esteem, health concerns, relationship or interpersonal issues, grief or loss, and financial matters.


Together we will acknowledge and heal your past so you have good self-awareness and are no longer held back, explore your ideal vision and design your future, and create positive action strategies to make it a reality.


To assist with payment for counselling, some clients may be eligible for Medicare rebates if they have consulted a GP or psychiatrist and a Mental Health Care Plan has been created. Furthermore, private health insurance is another option so check your level of cover.

NOTE: You may claim Medicare OR private health insurance rebates for sessions, you cannot use your private health insurance coverage to ‘top up’ the Medicare rebate paid for the services.


Telephone/Skype Counselling

Some clients are pressed for time, are located outside suburban Melbourne or feel more comfortable discussing their story in a safe, familiar environment. As such, Telehealth (phone or online) counselling sessions are also available.